TavexWise AS is a fintech startup company established in 2014 as a subsidiary of Estonian currency exchange company Tavid AS. TavexWise is a part of international Tavex Group, its main and only activity is providing payment services under the regime set out by EU Payment Services Directive (PSD). Estonian Financial Supervisory Authority (EFSA) has authorised TavexWise AS to provide payment services via its paying agents in Estonia, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, Latvia, Norway, Poland, and Sweden. In addition, TavexWise can be used to send cash and transfer money to the Philippines. We wish to save our customers’ time and money and we consider it very important to provide international payments at fair price. The company is willing to be a partner for everyone in need of cross-border payments either through providing services directly or using credit institutions or other third persons as intermediaries.

Why choose TavexWise?

•          Fast transfers. Bank transfers take too much time and are very expensive. We use our internal network which enables us to deliver you world class customer service at maximum speed. TavexWise makes cash to cash transfers in only 5 minutes. 29 offices in 8 countries give us an advantage over our competitors.

•          Good rates. You will get our full attention, excellence in customer service, and great rates for both cash transactions and transfers. Your satisfaction is our highest priority. Our clients love us and there are thousands of them.

•          25 years of experience. Our loyal customers who have been our main motivation to innovate have helped us to continuously expand and provide even better services.