Established Shared Services Track Record And Industry Cluster

Estonia has an established track record as a Shared Services location thanks to its skilled and productive workforce, business friendly environment and high financial attractiveness. 

Following independence in 1991 Estonia became the Nearshoring location of choice for Nordic companies. On joining the EU in 2004 Estonia attracted significant new and secondary investments, diversifying the breadth of activities and investors in the process. Since EURO adoption in 2011 further growth has occurred, including an up-tiering in functional complexity and growth of regional centres. 

Today’s Shared Services cluster is characterised by activity across all functions, niche expertise in Finance and IT and world class organisations deriving benefits such as cost savings, performance enhancement and improved service.

The Estonian government has affirmed its commitment to the cluster through a selective assistance program which provides financial contribution towards fixed asset, recruitment and training costs associated with entering the market or expanding existing operations.