Tuleva Fondid AS is a pension fund manager that manages two II pillar  pension funds and one III pillar  pension fund. The II pillar funds managed by Tuleva were launched on March 27, 2017 and the III pillar fund on October 15, 2019.

Tuleva Fondid AS is 100% owned by Tulundusühistu Tuleva, owned by the pension savers themselves who decided to skip banks’ middlemen and start pension funds where they personally would like to put their money. The association of pension savers has more than 7,000 members today – we are all co-owners of Tuleva and also clients of the Tuleva funds. Almost 60,000 people save their money in Tuleva together with the members of the association – they can be sure that as owners we will grow our assets with them, not at their expense.

  • We only have funds with a favorable fee and an evidence-based investment strategy.
  • We help people see through the information noise in the financial sector.
  • We are growing fast, because the more people find us, the greater the impact of Tuleva on the development of Estonian society.


The investment strategy of the fund manager is passive, which means that the funds aim to mimic the performance of the selected global market benchmark at the lowest possible cost.