Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs


The safeguarding of Estonia’s security and welfare, as well as the promoting of Estonia’s interests in the world, by planning and implementing the nation’s foreign policy and co-ordinating its foreign relations.


  • Estonia’s foreign policy is active and directed at achieving and strengthening of democracy, stability, safety and welfare in Europe, as well as elsewhere in the world.
  • Estonia is a reliable and trustworthy partner in the EU, NATO and in other international organisations, as well as in bilateral relations.
  • The Foreign Ministry is able to react without delay to changes occurring in the world and to ensure the flexibility as well as readiness of the organisation for the necessary alterations.
  • The Foreign Ministry is a recognised and efficient developer of Estonia’s foreign policy and the co-ordinator of the European policy.
  • The Foreign Ministry is an active, competent and appreciated supplier of services and information to other governmental authorities, co-operation partners, enterprises, citizens and the general public in Estonia, as well as in foreign countries.
  • Estonia is well known in the countries, regions and organisations that have direct effect on its security and welfare, and takes care of the formation of its image.
  • The Foreign Ministry, including foreign missions, has been developed in accordance with Estonia’s foreign, security and economic policy interests, has an optimum size and operates efficiently. Sufficient resources have been allocated for achieving the goals of the activities of the Foreign Service.
  • The Foreign Ministry is an employer with a good reputation, well known for its professional, mission-minded, collegial and well-motivated staff, for its interesting work and for its up-to-date work environment.

Islandi väljak 1
Tallinn 15049

General Switchboard (24h): +372 6 377 000
Fax: +372 6 377 099
Security Desk : +372 6 377 010


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