Adson provides merchants in the EEA with modern, Android based payment terminals and 100% reliable payment services that make accepting cards incredibly easy. Everything a small to mid-size business needs to compare and choose is on the website – different packages, all fee details. A merchant can sign up today, the terminal arrives tomorrow and the first payout one or two days after. Simple, predictable and fair, as it should be.

Adson’s approach is client centric, online only, one-stop-shopping. Adson uses the latest, most universal technologies, and combines them with a revolutionary simple and highly competitive price model. Everything is geared for ease of use and online self-service, giving merchants what they want and at the same time allowing for a lean company setup.

Adson was founded in January 2020 by two persons with long-term experience in payments and finance. The company’s CEO has more than a dozen years of end-to-end industry experience, from payment terminal hardware and software to related financial services for merchants and led a group of market leading companies spanning multiple European countries. The other founder is a Finance and M&A fintech executive who helped build Google’s digital experience for SMBs in the US and in Europe.

Rotermanni 6, Tallinn, Estonia

phone: +372 5626 7692